Monday, August 24, 2015

There are few things more frustrating; i.e. that'll piss you off more, than going to your vehicle and discovering that some asshole has broken in and stolen your goodies.  The Douglas County Sheriff's Office has been working diligently with the Castle Rock Police Department, Castle Pines Security Services, Parker Police Department and Lone Tree Police Department to combat vehicle break-ins.  Their efforts are working!   

Tips and News from the Douglas County Colorado Sheriff's Office:

Trespasses to vehicles are DOWN 28%!

Trespasses to vehicles are DOWN 28%! Let’s keep this trend going and don’t create a Crime of Opportunity. Thieves like to hit vehicles when they know the owners will be gone for a while:  park and trailheads, movie theatres, and mass transit parking lots are prime locations.
Here are some tips and reminders to limit crimes of opportunity:
  • Limit personal items left in your vehicle and keep them out of sight
  • Place bags, purses, and other valuables in the trunk PRIOR to getting to your destination. You never know who is watching
  • Never leave a convertible top down
  • Never leave car windows open or doors unlocked
Other preventative options:
  • Invest in a hitch safe or car safe
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