Friday, December 16, 2011

I.D. Thief helps catch herself.

Several weeks ago, we had an amusing experience while posting a Walk-Thru Bail Bond with a client at the Adams County Court House.  If a Defendant has an active warrant for their arrest out of Adams County, oftentimes they qualify to be able to do a Walk-Thru Bail Bond.  Simply put, a Walk-Thru Bail Bond is much like its name suggests; the Defendant is able to effectively "Walk-Thru" the Bonding procedure at the Court House, get their warrant cancelled and not be subjected to arrest.

The client and I were in line to post her Walk-Thru Bail Bond and there was a female Bail Bond Agent and her client; a female approximately 23 years old, in front of us; also there to post a Walk-Thru Bail Bond on a traffic case.  When they approached the Clerk's window, the Clerk asked the Defendant for her name and date of birth and her identification.  The girl told the Clerk her information and then reached into her purse and gave the Clerk her I.D.  The Clerk typed in the girl's information, took her I.D. and looked up her information on the computer screen.  The Clerk then told the Bail Bond Agent and the Defendant that she had to go check the printer and left.

My client and I were talking for several minutes when  I noticed that it was taking the Clerk longer than usual to return from "checking the printer".  As we stood there talking, I watched down the hallway and sure enough, I saw two Adams County Sheriff Deputies come walking towards us.  I motioned to my client for us to move back a couple of steps and watched as the Deputies walked up behind the female Defendant and the Bail Bond Agent in front of us.

At this point, the Clerk returned and the Deputies asked the Defendant her name and date of birth.  While she was answering, the Clerk handed the Deputies the Defendant's I.D.  The look of surprise on the young girl's face was priceless when the Deputy showed her the I.D. she had presented and pointed out that it was not hers.  As she was trying to stammer out an explanation, the Deputy searched her purse and pulled out 4 other I.D.'s; all obviously stolen.  While the Deputies were handcuffing the young female, she started pleading with her Bail Bond Agent to Post her new Bail Bonds on the I.D. Theft charges.  All the Bail Bond Agent could do was just shrug her shoulders and look at the Defendant incredulously.  So, what started out as a simple Walk-Thru Bail Bond on a traffic case turned into several Felony charges for that young I.D. Thief.

After the Deputies had led her away, my client and I approached the Clerk's window.  I just smiled at her and said "Now THERE'S a tough act to follow."  We all just shook our heads over what had just transpired.

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